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Services Available

Custom Business Application Development

Businesses often find that off the shelf, canned software, while cheaper initially than a custom solution, ends up being a more expensive way to go in the long run. We specialize in helping your business work more efficiently and effectively by creating software that exactly fits your needs and how you work.

Having software that matches your business model and process can dramatically improve the work flow of your individual department or entire company. To ensure the end product you contract with us for meets your needs precisely, we practice an agile development methodology and provide project management and planning services. By using this type of an iterative development process, we are able to identify any miscommunications or misunderstandings early and take corrective actions when they will have minimal impact on the overall project.

As we are designing your software, we can also incorporate automation wherever possible to reduce repetitive work currently done by your employees, and programmatically link into your existing systems and data structures to reduce the need for data entry and the inevitable errors that come with it.

Whether you have a small, isolated project for use by a single department, or are considering putting in place an enterprise wide system that will be integrated with multiple existing systems utilizing diverse technologies, we have the skills and experience to ensure your project will be a success.

Site Design And Hosting

We offer site design, development and hosting at affordable prices.

Most small businesses do not have an in house IT department, and the owners are not experts in computer technology. We can help guide you through the options available for your web or e-commerce site and determine what is the best fit for your business and goals, without talking over your head in technical terms, or speaking down to you about this critical aspect of business in the 21st century.

Every business is unique, and so are it's technological needs. Please call us to set up an appointment to discuss where you are with your business, where you would like it to be in the future, and we will help you to get there.


We offer onsite consulting, but is dependent on our project load at the given time. If we have a consultant available with skill in the area of need, we would be happy to work with you to develop a schedule to assist with your project.

Some example areas we could assist with:

  • Setting up TFS and implementing a repository structure that fits best with your software lifecycle practices.
  • Setting up and training on automating build and deployment using TFS build server and MS Release Management for TFS
  • Designing and Architecting a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) to allow growth, code reuse, and single point of truth within your company
  • Assist your team with setting up an NServiceBus process to achieve a scalable, robust solution for your business processes